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ConshyGarden Gardeners Meeting Minutes - 05-23-2012

on Fri, 06/01/2012 - 10:31
Conshohocken Community Gardeners Meeting Minutes 05-23-2012
EAC (minus Tony Tucci), Chris Stetler, About 12 Gardeners (did not take roll call).

Anthony relayed a summary of the finalization of the DEP grant documentation. SInce we are generalizing the DEP grant to show top soil, rain barrels, and composter, the future garden community leadership will have a starting budget of $2785.

Anthony updated the group on the latest additions: worm composter, 2 rain barrels, 2 regular composters, additional soil, perimeter fence. Jenn discussed guidelines for the wom composting bin. They love kitchen waste like banana peels. We want to avoid too much grass clippings as this is high in nitrogen. This was the link Jen used for the bins - Anthony will post guidelines on the web site.

Paddy Kearney, a marketing intern from Villanova University, discussed 2 plans to raise revenues for the garden through adverstising.

  • The first was a $200/yr banner advertisment on the website. There will be 10 placed prominently on the side section of the website. This will bring potentially $2000 per year for the gardeners budget.
  • The second was a plan for banner advertising on the perimeter fence of the community garden.

Gardeners discussed a few stipulations including

  1. Limit the number of banners on the fence (quantity to be determined at a later date). Limit them to the back wall.
  2. Limit the selection of advertisers to those topical to the themes of the garden

The Gardeners discussed potentially having a event sign, post board, and sign box with applications to the garden.

The discussion of electing garden leadership came up. No volunteers came forward. Anthony and Nicole nominated Nick Huff for President. Neil Manning volunteered as Vice Chair. Nicole Zapata volunteered as Secretary. Paul McConnell, Conshohocken Borough President, is also a plot holder and will serve in the officer position of Liason to the Borough.

The by-laws for the garden call for 3 meetings per year. The next garden meeting, the first under the selected leadership, will be Wed, June 20, at Borough Hall.

Discussion of un-worked plots.

Plot 29 - Heather D. will not be able to work her plot. Several gardeners will take over the plot and share the produce with Heather.

Plot 43 - Bill Nace who won a plot last year will no be able to work his plot. The plot will be reallocated to the Conshohocken Catholic Youth Group.

Plot 15 - The plot owners came to the meeting a mentioned they intend to plant next week.

Heather Manera volunteered to purchase and be reimbursed by the garden budget for a wheel barrel, 100' hose, hose housing, and combo lock.

The group talked about planting blueberry bushes around the perimeter. Paul recommended that this wait til fall planting or at least til after the shed is placed.

Neil asked about fruit trees. Pros/Cons - fallen fruit can be used as compost. It was brought up that Carol Smith is on the shade tree commission and has had dialogue with the real store manager at Home Depot, Conshohocken.

Anthony brought up 2 grant opportunites for future discussion. 1. Home Depot 2. Nature's Path Organic Ceral

We discussed planting a coomunity herb garden. Anthony recommended plot 1. Plot 2 was ultimately used.

We discussed the Silverman's chicken coup. Mrs. Silverman left an open offer to lead a project like this with hens only. The group did not think the next door neighbors would be concerned. It is within Conshohocken guidelines to allow chicken coups. The restriction is on no roosters. Chicken waste could be used as compost. The coup would be fenced in and would provide a good supply of eggs. The matter is tabled for future discussion.

Wood chips for the garden were discussed. Was it an item we could budget for? Heather pointed out that Whitemarsh township offers a free pile of wood chips at Joshua / Cedar Grove and Ridge - open to the public, near their public works? office



1. An application was received and plot #4 has been granted to a new applicant.

2. Plot 2 (rather than Plot 1) has been allocated as a community herb garden.

3. Missed Grant Opportunity

Nature's Path Organic Foods Invites Communities to Apply for Gardens for Good Grant Program

Deadline: May 31, 2012 (POST MEETING NOTE - Too late but let's keep on the look out for this next year and other grant opportunities).

Visit the Nature's Path Web site for complete program guidelines and information on previous grant recipients.

4. Thanked Heather Del Buono instead of Heather Manera for the purchase of the Wheel Barrel. Thanks Heather M!

5. Looks like plots 73-78, 49, 65, 1, 3, 13, 14, 17 are open currently as of 06/1/2012

Action Items
  1. Discussion with Garden leadership and Fran Marabella how to interact with the Borough general ledger for allocated budget - Fran Marabella and Nick Huff, Paul McConnell
  2. Purchase wheel barrel, combination lock, hose, and hose housing - Heather Manera - COMPLETE
  3. Meet to establish community herb garden - Nick Huff
  4. Post worm composting bin ingredients guidelines on website - Anthony Garcia
  5. Look into allocating budget to equipment, even sign/post board - Garden Leadership
  6. Give access to gardener documentation on Google Docs to garden leadership - Anthony Garcia
  7. Establish community herb garden Saturday May 26 - Garden Leadership -COMPLETE
  8. Check with Carol Smith (gardener) of the Shade Tree Commission about fruit trees
  9. Bring intermittent loads of wood chips from Whitemarsh to combat weeds in the garden aisles - Gardeners
  10. Establish Discussion Board for Gardeners on - Anthony and Nick