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EAC 09-28-2011 Meeting Minutes

on Tue, 10/18/2011 - 02:03

EAC Meeting 09/28

  • Chad Speicher
  • Tony Tucci
  • Anthony Garcia
  •   Jen Fields
  • Fran Marabella
  • Paul McConnell


Direction for budget Need a shed and a natural fence - 2 sides for hedge maybe with chicken wire to keep critters out

Stone rose - may open a plot

We may open up advertising on the back fence Fees 45 per year * 45 starting plots  estimate $2K revenue

Check with budget remaining from this years expenses and if it can be rolled to the following year

Shed on the map - Around plot 25 

Corrections to diagram - chain link should be on the back

Budget $15 k for next year. Comparatively small amount to service 70+ families

Groundhog ate some of the Brussels sprouts last week. Rules should allow for a small wooden frame topped with chicken wire. We can adjust the bypass

Funfest update

1 inquired about green building. Suggested he could get involved with the wawa discussions I.e. Influencing green building. No status on application. Not sure wawa if wawa is coming.

2 17 entries in the raffle

3 Have Bill Nace fill out an application and mark 2012 fee waived

Crematorium - a few questions came up about thins like gold fillings and artificial limbs and if those materials were toxic. Zoning hearing is Mon 7pm if there are environmental concerns. Jen - are air quality permits needed? She will do the research.  Chad - noticeable smell or ash particulate?

Oct 8 at borough hall - a electronics disposal day coming.. No appliances. 9am - 1pm

Drug collection day coming too. Avoid pharmaceuticals going into the river. - Oct 29 10-2pm police station

Shredding - oct 22 - police station 9-1pm

Some of the shredded material would be good for composting. Maybe if we could get  need to talk to chris stetler about year end report Newsletter in April - we need a big garden story. Due date around 3/4 any fall cleanup days? Any interest? Paul will ask Kevin Tierney....Penndot may also organize something. They did earlier this year. Lots of debris built up by the railroad tracks. Maybe from Irene. Could have come from Norristown by the dam.