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EAC Meeting Minutes 02-22-2012

on Wed, 02/29/2012 - 12:14

EAC Meeting

Paul McConnell
Chad Speicher
Jennifer Fields
Tony Tucci
Fran Marabella
Neil - Conshohocken resident living at The Grande

Community Garden

As Adam Joseph is cited, planting should occur after May 1 before Memorial Day.
What prep work can be done before then?

Compost is available to residents for free. Compost is kept at the end of West 7th Avenue pole barn. Some was dumped at the garden site recently and is open for anyone who wants to use it.

Some goals for upcoming milestones.
We'd like to til  the soil in mid April - 21st or 22nd. Maybe we can rent a loader to mix up top soil / compost the week before on April 14 or 15. Needs to be set up before we wil.

We should do another soil test.

for additional funds, we can go back to apply for the Home Depot grant we missed last year.

We also have a $10k budget and $3k from the DEP grant to work with.
We can get items and requisition them with a P card.

Paul reviewed the areas the garden needs items including the grant items, chicken wire for keeping out ground hogs, metal spikes might be used to keep groundhogs from digging our chicken wre. Grant items include 2 person shovels, drip. irrigation, rain barrels, worm composting,top soil

East and North sides of the garden don't have fencing currently. We had talked about a natural fence to avoid costs of a chain link. Harbey Buek recommends pile driving any supporting stakes.
We will also need a shed with a combo lock
We are aiming for March to buy tools.
Paul has a coast bin he can donate.

April 21&22 chicken wire, tilling
April 29 marking plots
April 15 mix and spread compost and top soil
March meeting to assign plots - Wed March 28th 7:30pm - leave 30 minutes before for us to conduct our EAC meeting
March 11 - buy materials
Sat March 10th - St Patricks Parade - perhaps we can walk the parade with our banner

Other business
Tony Tucci - our council quarterly report which is televised is coming up in April. The EAC should give a report to council on the garden since it is receiving funding.
Other discussion points
 CFL bulbs to give out at events,
SEPTA led sign to be put near the bridge will be huge. EAC will have a months notice before building will be requested. Can we team to prepare a response on increased risks with an LED sign with buildings as a background.

We can also weigh in on a number of other things
WAWA - storm water, peak traffic vs avg traffic now vs forecasted, lighting , fumes from idling traffic

Anthony took a picture of present EAC members for the web site.

Action Items
1. Write up an invoice for the website development done for - Anthony
2 Call Harve
3 Worm composting - appropriate design - Jen
4 Garden Article for the newsletter - Chad
5 Shopping for materials March 11 1pm - meet at garden - led by Paul, open to volunteers