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EAC Meeting Minutes 05-23-2012

on Fri, 06/01/2012 - 09:27


EAC Meeting Minutes 05-23-2012
Fran Marabella, Paul McConnell, Jennifer Fields,Chad Speicher, Anthony Garcia, Chris Stetler
Resident couple near the EF Moore neighborhood, Community Gardeners (around 12).

Chris Steltler joined us to finalize documentation revisions to the DEP grant for the community garden. The EAC needed to rearrange some of the grant proposal's original specifications due in part to 3 reasons:

  • Community Garden volunteers provided much of the work we had allocated in the grant as for hire work.
  • Marketing channels to promote the garden were used as a free altnernative (Borough newsletter, flyer at Fellowship House)
  • Some of the items like drip irrigation were impractical for the garden once it was built. Also, alternative implementations for the worm compost box mismatched the items we planned to buy.

The grant proposal was revised to include a shopping list of Home Depot items most needed for the garden. Later, one of the larger items, a shed, became available through a donation. Jen Fields has a contact willing to donate a shed to the Borough if someone can pick it up.

To simplify matters, Fran Marabella and Chris Stetler pulled receipts and documentation of what was spent to date. The group settled on revisions to the DEP grant to include:

  1. website construction
  2. purchase of 2 rain barrells an 2 compost bins
  3. a portion of the top soil purchased.

Now that the community garden has been implemented, the EAC will focus on other pressing topics. Currently in play are a) The SEPTA proposed Electronic Billboard b) The proposed Wawa.

A couple who lives 200 ft from the proposed site (EF Moore Cheverolet) came to address their concerns. They wanted our future discussions to include:

  1. Increased gas fumes
  2. Traffic
  3. Trash
  4. Crime

It was mentioned that representatives from Wawa were at the Butler Pike Wawa collecting petitions in favor of having an expanded Wawa on the EF Moore site. They are free to do this but should qualify which of the petitioners were Conshohocken residents vs West Conshohocken vs Whitemarsh with a Conshohocken address.

It was resolved to open a discussion board on to collect the discourse of the residents and provide action items for the EAC to follow up with in the coming months starting with our next meeting on Wed, June .

Action Items
  1. Contact Borough contacts about a flat bed to pick up the donated shed - Fran Marabella and Paul McConnell
  2. Create discussion board to capture Wawa topics on - Anthony Garcia
  3. Finalize revisions to DEP grant - Chris Stetler